Patio cleaning Alcester

 Pressure washing, cleaning and sealing in Alcester

if you are in Alcester then Mb surface cleaning can restore your patios back to their former glory.

patios are normally very prone to growing many forms of algae. This algae can look very unpleasant dirty but can also be a big health and safety hazard due to it becoming very slippy when wet or even damp.  pressure washing will remove the the algae but wont keep it away. yearly pressure washing can be a option or our anti algae treatment will keep it away. we always include a complimentary algae treatment with all our cleans that we carry out 6 weeks after the pressure washing and cleaning of the patio. we offer to carry on these treatments from only £15 per treatment per quarter.

we cater for all finishes

  • concrete
  • sand stone
  • Indian stone
  • slate
we also are able to seal all of the above finishes too. This consists of a resin or polymer clear coat being applied to the surface, protecting is from natural whether effects and also stains such as oil or BBQ fat.
we carry this service out all over the country and startford upon avon as well as nationwide. we charge the same price for everyone, weather your on our door step in Alcester or 100 miles away in leeds.
if you are in Alcester then please call us as we would be more than happy to come show you a  small pressure washing demo on your patio or any other surface you may want cleaning


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