block paving cleaing

block paving looks great when first laid but due to their porous nature it’s usually not long before algae and weeds appear on the surface of the blocks. Over time paving surfaces can and do deteriorate with loss of colour due to moss and slippery algae, airborne dirt, tyre marks, oil stains, weeds and just general aging. Our powerful pressure washing cleaning equipment is designed to wash down and clean the block paving or patio area very effectively and quickly. This is also very Eco friendly way of cleaning as 99% of the time water alone is enough to clean the block paving and no chemicals are needed in the cleaning process.

when block paving is laid a super fine kiln dryed sand is swept into the joint. This sand finds its way into every part of each joints and keeps everything tight and compacted. when we pressure wash and clean your block paving around half of this sand is washed away. All our prices are inclusive of re-sanding after pressure washing and cleaning.

we always re-compact the driveway with a wacker plate aster we have cleaned and sanded it. be aware of companys not doing this. it is a MUST and the only way for the new kiln dryed sand to make it all the way to the bottom of the paving joints. if it is not done the sand will merely sit in the top 20mm and get washed out the next time it rains and the paving will have no real structure tieing it all together and  this will lead to sinking and future problems

in some instances we find the block paving completely loose its colour. This is usually due to a budget block used but can be many factors. if this is the case your are in safe hands. we offer a complete sealing and colour tinting service for your block paving driveway. please have a look at our selaing section for more info and before and after pictures.

We have completed many driveway cleans up and down the country and in and around stratford upon avon, evesham, warwick and coventry, both private and commercial as well as all colours and styles. We are a complete pressure washing cleaning for you block paving driveway or car park.

Please ring or email us for a free site survey and free estimate.

We are also more than happy to give a small demonstration of our cleaning process showing how well your driveway or patio will look.

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